Hydraulic Dump Truck

KP75A lifting gear pumps are mainly applied in 6-10 tons dump truck hydraulic system as the hydraulic power source of bucket cylinder. Adopting the material of high strength casting iron and the advanced technology of double metal side plates with special structure to connect control-valve, return-valve and pump as a whole body, the pumps are featured of strong resistance of high working pressure, long lifetime, smart and simple hydraulic system as integration of pump and valve, which makes the pump being the ideal power source of dump truck hydraulic system. Theoretical displacement: 75ml/r Rated pressure: 70kgf/cm2 Rated revolution: 800 rpm Mini revolution: 350 rpm Max testing pressure: 210kgf/cm2 Max revolu fion: 1800rpm Steel cable force of controlling valve: 14 kg Totalweight ofoil pump: 21 kg The temperature of hydraulicoil-20°C-80°C Viscosity of hydraulic oil: 10-75c.s.t Oil filter precision: ≤25urn Oil suction height: ≤500mm Drive: use flexible coupling bydirect drive Direction of rotation: counterclockwise (from shaft end of pump)